40 thoughts on “Xybots 1987 Atari Mame Retro Arcade Games

  1. casually warmrching this and level 5 looks like a nightmare, wholly crap, that's gotta be a misplaced level, that's evil, it's wrong… Otherwise a great game that I have spent a lot of time with on my lynx, I wonder if I still have it in my storage?

  2. Back in the day when they knew how to make video games. This is the apex of 8 bit. Addictive, thrilling, cool sounds and stereo music. Just plain fun without the blood and murder. 45:24 one of the cool helpful bugs/features.. shoot around the corner and they cant hit you 🙂 53:21 one of the best sound effects ever.. yegyeyegyeg BOOM cracks me up everytime.

  3. Well I watched until the end sort of and the entire time I was like….why aren't they buying permanent upgrades? Just watching it seems like buying the extra vitality one is barely worth it. Seems like the energy is like a normal timer so you have 100 seconds when the level starts. Seems like that temporary upgrade only slows it by maybe about 10% so it adds roughly 10 seconds to your timer which isn't all that great.

  4. I used to play this when was a kid. My guess would be is because of CPU assistance. The more upgrades you get, the more upgrades the monsters would also get. I only got 15 mins in, but he probably chose speed for quality of life reasons.

  5. nice run. This game requires a lot of patience and good timing. What most people don't know was that this game was originally going to be Gauntlet 3, but instead, it was given a sci-fi theme, but for it's time, it would end up paving the way for other shooters like Wolfenstein and even Doom.

  6. nicely skilled player. sadly i have to say xybots is not one of atari's better efforts. a bit too repetetive and having to always managing turning made the game a chore to play.

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