Welcome to Yogcon 2019 Twitch Stage Day 1!

59:00 – Lewis Keynote Speech
1:44:05 – Triforce Live
2:59:00 – Hat VS
4:35:40 – Board Games
6:25:44 – Quizzes With Simon & Tom
8:01:24 – Jaffa Space Agency
9:41:28 – Mr Sam & The Dednutz (Hat Films Live)
10:35:37 – The Biggest Pub Quiz

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24 thoughts on “YOGCON 2019 – TWITCH STAGE DAY 1 – 03/08/19

  1. 12:55:12 I love that when they start Diggy Diggy Hole it's clear some people are a little self-concious about singing it and joining in, but by the end everyone is super into it, banging on the tables and chanting along. Except the guy at 12:56:04. He should maybe not have had that many San Miguels, he looks a little out of it xD

  2. I honestly cannot believe any of this drama in the yogscast has happened. Yogscast has been a great part of my life… these people mean so much to me, they are/were my role models. It hurts to see these things happen to them, granted, some of which happened due to lack of wise choices. I'm so sorry to all of yogscast and to all of the victims in these recent events…

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